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To be in community is to be "in unity" - and finding unity with those around you is just as much a science as it is an art. Today's market is hungrier than ever for a real sense of authentic connection with those around them, including those they buy from. How do brands build that? Read on to find out. 

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The Three Elements

It's all about the "AIM"

M.A.D. Marketing's philosophy for authentic marketing is that with the proper "AIM," connecting with those who need your offers becomes more natural and effective, regardless of the tactic you use. Discover the three keys to perfecting your "AIM" by reading on.

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True community is built on open channels of communication, understanding, and availability. When a brand positions itself to be genuinely accessible, it signals a readiness to listen, engage, and evolve based on the community's needs and feedback. M.A.D. Marketing champions this principle, believing that by being more reachable than most, we forge stronger, authentic bonds with community members.


Influence, at its core, means being "in fluency" with the community. It's a deep-rooted understanding gained from being immersed in daily community interactions. M.A.D. Marketing embodies this principle by consistently being in tune with community values, understanding not just the 'what' but the 'why' behind them.

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True marketing transcends mere transactions; it becomes a bridge of trust between brands and their audience. When marketing stems from a genuine place of service, it resonates deeply with the community. People can sense the authenticity and trust that the brand understands their needs, desires, and aspirations.


At M.A.D. Marketing, we champion this approach. We don't just connect with those who buy; we also deeply understand those who craft solutions to address genuine needs. By fostering a deep understanding at both ends of the spectrum, we create robust bridges that not only facilitate transactions but also fortify markets, leading to sustainable growth and an enduring bond with the community.

the MAD team stepped in and really helped create some fun and creative experiences for our customers. 
They are easy to collaborate with, and always keep things positive and uplifting.
Kevin Conard (Blue Jazz Coffee Roasters)

Kevin Conard, Owner,

Blue Jazz Coffee Roasters

As a small business owner, M.A.D marketing is invaluable.
The team is professional, up beat, and their strong social media presence has helped drive our new business. 
Nobody knows Topeka Better.
Stephanie Sisk (Merit Weight Loss)

Stephanie Sisk, APRN

Co-Founder, Merit Weight Loss

Working with M.A.D. Marketing is such a blessing! This relationship was easy to start and continue.
Their consistent efforts reached and exceeded goals, significantly boosting my online traffic.
Katie Nelson (Topeka Area Building Association)

Katie Nelson, President & CEO,

Topeka Area Building Association

Let's Connect

Brands and legends are built up by the community that believes in them. Connect with M.A.D. today to start building yours today. 

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