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Who We Are


Two women. One vision: A world where marketing makes a real human difference on the communities we live in.


M.A.D. Marketing, in some ways, felt like the eventuality of what happens to individuals when they commit to doing business in a way that feels "right." You find your tribe, lean into your strengths, and you fall in love with serving others with your gifts. Madness? Maybe. Worth pursuing? Absolutely. 


We were just two people living in the Topeka community, believing both separately and together that there were great things being done in our hometown that we wanted to lend our voices to share with the world. 

Better Together

Slowly, over time, doing our best to speak with integrity about the good things others are doing has seemed to resonate with those around us - and both of us aim to bring our unique talents of communication to the table in an attempt to shine a light on the goodness of our city. 

M.A.D. Marketing is an extension of all of those who dare to speak boldly about the genuine good they see around them. We hope this aspect of our story can and will become a part of your story, too. 

After all... Marketing, business and more are all better when we're working together. 

MAD Founders (Alison & Miranda)

Meet the Team

M.A.D. Marketing is led by a pair of women who have seen the full force of what courage, collaboration and authentic communication can do to build both community and commerce at the same time. 

Let's grow your vision.

MAD Marketing


You've got great things you're doing for the world. We've got the means to share it with those who need you. Learn more about how we can collaborate by clicking here!

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